Bar DKDC Music – September 2017

BAR DKDC Music Schedule

Here it is!! The music lineup here at BAR DKDC. All shows are 10:30pm unless otherwise noted. All the Wednesday shows are early at 7:30pm, no cover.

DKDC Music Lineup for September

Fri 1 Dr Brown
Sat 2 Julie Rhodes
Sun 3 Scott Thompson Rescue Animals
Mon 4 Devil Train
Tue 5 Dave Cousar
Wed 6 Some Sons Of Mudboy
Thur 7 Brandon Taylor
Fri 8 Mike Doughty’s Spooky Party
Sat 9 Marcella & Her Lovers
Sun 10 Los Cantadores w/ Ohn & On
Mon 11 The Pickin Pear
Tue 12 Dave Cousar
Wed 13 Blackwater Trio
Thur 14 Brandon Taylor
Fri 15 Mighty Souls Brass Band
Sat 16 Steve Selvidge
Sun 17 Danny & The Spanks
Mon 18 Devil Train
Tue 19 David Cousar
Wed 20 Linda Heck
Thur 21 Goner Records’ 3rd Thursday
Fri 22 Dj Dropout Boogie Soul Dance Party
Sat 23 Fiona Silver
Sun 24 Joe Nameth Blue Dreamers
Mon 25 Devil Train
Tue 26 Dave Cousar
Wed 27 Sean Murphy’s 1Breath Quartet
Thur 28 Disco Night w/ DJ Damp Velour
Fri 29
Sat 30 Faux Killas